Broken Hill Public School

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About our school

Broken Hill Public School has a tradition of excellence in cultural, academic and sporting achievement. The school is well known for its care and concern for students.

The school has an inclusive philosophy catering for the needs of students from a wide range of backgrounds from within the community. Our agreed purpose is to meet these needs by improving the educational opportunities our students enjoy and thereby improving the outcomes of their learning.

The school provides a diverse range of programs focusing on effective learning skills, remediation and extension, teach tolerance, understanding and the value of individual differences. Learning opportunities are provided to ensure that each student can reach his or her full potential. Our curriculum is balanced in order to meet students' social, physical, artistic and intellectual needs. Individual development is carefully monitored and the partnership with parents highly valued.

Broken Hill Public School thrives on community input and participation, and each person involved is dedicated to providing the optimum learning experience for the children through unity. Our reputation is founded on delivering quality education, and developing the individual talents, interests and abilities of our students.

Broken Hill Public School (known locally as Central School) provides excellence, opportunity and success in an innovative and caring environment.

"As Principal, I welcome you and your family to our school. Our dynamic, experienced staff are dedicated to your child’s success, helping them realise their full potential in a nurturing environment. Learning for both students and staff is of the foremost importance.

As a parent, you know that children prosper in an environment that prides itself in providing opportunities and experiences to enable your child to build resilience and be a valued member of our school community and the wider community".

Jonathon Thomas - Principal