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Central Preschool

Welcome to Broken Hill Public School Preschool (known as Central Preschool).  We implement the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), a national early childhood curriculum framework which ensures quality and consistency in the delivery of early childhood programs, to guide our practice. 

Being, Belonging, Becoming

Belonging, Being and Becoming refer to fundamental beliefs we hold about how children are best able to learn, grow and succeed at our Preschool. 

Being relates to our respect for your child to be a pre-schooler, with all the joys, opportunities and challenges the age brings to the learning space.  We actively celebrate the way a pre-schooler makes sense of their world and participates in shared learning experiences. 

Belonging relates to connections and relationships with others.  At Central, we work hard to build strong, supportive and collaborative relationships with children and their families. 

Becoming relates to the importance of the ongoing learning journey of each child and our role in supporting their transition from home to preschool and then to formal schooling next year or the year after. We welcome you to our preschool and look forward to working closely with you.