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Broken Hill Public School Preschool is a dynamic school encouraging life long learning, integrity and success for all. '' It is a place for us to consistently deliver early childhood programs that allow our students to develop their connections/ relationships with each other, celebrate the way a pre-schooler makes sense of the world, participate in shared learning spaces and support the transition from home to preschool and then to formal schooling the next year or year after that.  At Broken Hill Public School  Pre-school  we work hard to develop strong, supportive and collaborative relationships with children and families and the community" (Lyndal Walker- Pre school Teacher).

How to find out more?

To find out more about the Broken Hill Public School Pre-school click on the following links:


Pre school Flyer 2014 (doc 9037 KB)-


Pre-School Information Book (doc 28628 KB)

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